Adult Weekend Passes (16+ years of age) include access to ALL hours of the convention and to ALL 10 stage shows or panels during the weekend of March 6th, 7th and 8th for the Branson Con 2020.


  • Vendors spaces and show times may change without notice and weekend passes only allow access to areas not designated as a "VIP" or "Ticketed Seating" area. All weekend passes include general seating to the theatre events, shows and panels.    
  • Weekend passes or the holder of the weekend pass may be excluded from attending stage performance or panels for reasons not limited to age-appropriate content, misconduct, misuse of the pass (allowing someone else to use your pass) or behavior otherwise deemed to have or is likely to create an unsafe environment for other convention-goers as determined by convention organizers.
  • NO weapons are allowed on the WELK RESORT property or Branson Con event. Cosplay prop weapons must be security bonded before entry to the event.
  • Branson Con reserves the right to exclude you, your costume or parts of it, or remove your access to the Welk property for any reason as determined needed by convention organizers. 

ADULT Weekend Pass (16+ years of age)

$70.00 Regular Price
$39.90Sale Price